You may feel anxious about the upcoming appointment if you have never been to a wedding dress shop before. You’re not only looking for the perfect bridal gown but you are also planning to participate in one of the most important traditions of wedding planning. It will likely be quite different than any other shopping experience, so it is a good idea to know what your expectations are ahead of time.

It is not as daunting as it seems at first. However, getting ready for your first appointment can be quite simple. It can be stressful but a wonderful experience to shop for your wedding gown. Here are some tips for determining the right wedding dress appointment protocol.

1. Make an appointment.

It’s fine to walk into a bridal shop to have a quick look and decide if you want to return later. It’s a serious breach of protocol to show up at a bridal shop expecting to try on dresses. A bridal stylist must be available to help you try on your wedding dress.

If they haven’t booked, they might still allow you to come in if it’s a slower period. However, they may not be able to give you a spot. In any case, it is better to make an appointment.

2. Ask the store about their photo policy.

Some bridal shops prohibit you from taking photos during appointments. It’s because they might be the only local boutique to have a particular selection, and they don’t want other shops to see what they have. If they are working with a designer, it is possible for them to worry about others copying their style.

Some stores won’t allow you to take selfies because they could disrupt other brides or make the event feel less private. If you are interested in taking pictures at the store, make sure to ask about their policy before you call. If they are happy to take a selfie of you, go for it! If they ask you to not, it is important to honor their request.

3. Research (and take pictures).

Your wedding stylist will help you find the perfect dress. If you don’t know exactly what you want, the stylists will have trouble finding options that suit your needs. Before you head to your first appointment, take a look at bridal magazines and create a Pinterest board with your favourite styles. There are so many options that you can choose from, it is difficult to narrow down your options to a particular silhouette or fabric.

4. Wear appropriate clothing

Your appointment is complete without your undergarments. You will be assisted by your stylist in the fitting of your wedding dress. Make sure you don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t mind being seen in. Spanks and other undergarments are important as they can affect how a dress fits you.

5. Respect your appointment time and be on-time

When you call to make a booking, most boutiques will allow you to stay for at least an hour. They will likely have other brides waiting. They won’t usually extend your appointment if you show up late. To get the best experience, you must be punctual and understand the limitations of your appointment.

6. Don’t hide your budget.

Many brides don’t disclose their budget because they fear that their stylist will try to make them spend more than they planned. The truth is that the exact opposite is true! Your stylist will help you find the right dress for you. If they push you towards something that is beyond your budget, it will only end badly for you both.

Be confident that your stylist will work in your best interests and be open about your budget. If you have some flexibility–wonderful. If you have a budget, your stylist can help you find dresses that fit your needs.

7. Feedback (political)

Let your stylist know your opinion about her choices while we are on the topic of honesty. It’s not good to pull out dress after dress only to get a bland response or a blank “it’s nice,” so let your stylist know what you think. This will help you find the right dress for you.

However, you don’t have to be critical of the dresses. You might find the perfect dress for you next to the one you called “ugly” at the shop. You can be yourself and not offend someone else’s taste.

8. Take a bite!

Don’t go shopping for wedding dresses if you are hungry. While you may want to look slim for your appointment you will likely feel too tired and hungry to make the right decision. Bring a snack and a healthy breakfast to keep you energized. Your experience will be better if you have more energy.

9. Your stylist will choose the dress.

It’s tempting to pull off beautiful gowns as soon as you walk into a shop. Refrain from succumbing to the temptation. Stylists are required to organize the many dresses in bridal shops. Instead, let your stylist find the right dress for you. Don’t browse your own dresses unless you are invited.

10. Respect other brides in the shop.

You’re not the only one with an appointment. Everybody in the shop is making the same decision as you, and everyone wants the shopping experience to be magical. While you should be excited about the experience and finding your gown, you must also consider others. To ensure that there isn’t too much chaos in the store, make sure you tell anyone who comes with you.

11. Enjoy your experience!

Remember that shopping for your wedding gown is supposed to be an enjoyable, beautiful experience. Let your worries go and remember that your stylist will make you feel at ease. The following tips will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable while shopping for wedding dresses. Have fun, and have some fun! You might be on your way to finding the perfect dress.