It can be both exciting and overwhelming to walk into a bridal shop and try on so many styles. You don’t have to be a bridesmaid if you’ve always dreamed of finding the perfect dress for your wedding. Be open-minded and ready to try on many styles. This will allow you to find the right style for you. There are some items that can make your wedding dress shopping easier. Having the right undergarments and the correct shoes can make the process easier. We reached out to the owners of bridal shops to find out what they recommend for wedding dress shopping.

1. Bring your favorite shapewear or neutral undies

You’ll need to bring your own undergarments when you go to the bridal shops to look for a wedding gown. To try on wedding dresses, it is best to bring what you might wear underneath. Beth Chapman, who is the founder and stylist at Beth Chapman Styling and Consulting and also owns The White Dress By The Shore in Clinton (Connecticut), suggests that you bring the Spanx you prefer to wear under dresses. No matter what shapewear you prefer, your undergarments should be neutral in color and without any bulky embellishments. We recommend very thin, if not necessary, shapewear. You can also nude underwear if you don’t want to wear shapewear,” Amy Hidaldgo (manager and stylist at Bridal Boutique) in Lewisville, Texas.

2. Leave Your Lingerie at Home

We now move on to the next point. Don’t wear your most expensive lingerie when you go dress shopping. Save the corsets and garters for your honeymoon ( wink ). There will be many styles to choose from, including A-lines and ball gowns. You don’t want to be distracted with a bright thong or panty line. Your crew will be more focused if you wear your most basic underwear. It can be a chore to change into dresses, so it’s worth leaving the expensive undergarments at home.

3. Keep the bra at home, especially if you’re small-chested

It might seem like you should bring your bra with you when shopping for a wedding dress. But this is not true. Bridal gowns don’t look like the off-the-rack dresses you can find at your local department shop. Bras are not compatible with all gowns. Hidalgo says that modern bridesmaid gowns have cups already sewn into them for their convenience and fit. Bras are not compatible with most wedding gowns. Most brides don’t want to wear bras. Chapman says that most brides don’t like wearing bras under their gowns. But every body is unique, so a bra may not be the best option for everyone. For example, a bra might make it difficult for larger breasts to feel supported. Chapman says a bra is a good option if you’re a D-cup or larger. Sewn-in cups don’t provide support, and tape can only do so many. If you have a larger chest, I recommend consulting an undergarment specialist to determine the best options to support your gown.

4. Bring Your Wedding Shoes

Although it might seem odd to bring fancy shoes with you when shopping for wedding dresses, it can help you get a better idea of how your wedding day will look beyond the dress room. Bring a pair of heels if you plan to wear them at your wedding. This will allow you to see how the gown will fit in your body,” Hidalgo says. To get an idea of what style you might wear, bring a few styles (e.g. flats, heels, sandals, etc.) with you.

5. Take a Hair-tie or Hair Clips

You’ll need to keep a clip or hair-tie handy for when you’re trying on different gowns. You can also try different hairstyles on a variety of dresses by dress shopping. If you’re trying on a dress with a high neckline, it might be a good idea to pull your hair back so you can see how an updo looks with it. Although this is not necessary, it can help you visualize how you will look on your wedding day.