It doesn’t matter if you have been dreaming about trying on wedding gowns since the day you saw Barbie’s white one, it’s exciting to finally do so. This is a significant step in wedding planning and it will likely be the first time you can see yourself as a bride.

Shopping for a wedding gown can be a daunting and stressful task. The pressure! The anticipation! The desire to be like the Pinterest models!

Here are six things you should have with you when you go to look for your wedding dress.

Ideas – Do your research! Look online for inspiration to help you choose the right wedding gown. There are many options, so be prepared to narrow down your choices.

Positive Attitude – Okay, this may sound a bit cheesy, but we are trying to be sincere. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Wedding dress shopping should be fun.

Supportive, Honest Entourage: Squad up! You’ll have more fun, and you’ll get better insight.

Convenient, Comfortable Outfit: There will be a lot of things you try on, so it’s a good idea to keep it simple.

The Right Undergarments There is a time for neon pink floral underwear. But, now is not the time.

Heels – Or at the very least, a shoe that is similar to the one you will be wearing on your big day. It is important to have an idea of the length you will need in order to be able to adjust it.

Everyone has different shopping preferences so it is important to take into account your personal shopping habits when choosing a wedding dress. However, this list is a good place to start. The added pressure of finding the perfect wedding dress can make it difficult for couples to handle.

The most common questions are: What hairstyle should I use to shop for wedding dresses? To try on wedding dresses, can I wear a thong? You are supposed to go dress shopping with someone else. How long should you wait before going dress shopping? Don’t let these questions intimidate you, we’ll be able to help you with all your questions.

No matter if you’re heading to the bridal salon to sip champagne while you wait, or if your goal is to hurry to the next sample sale to save money on other nearly-weds’ wedding dresses, our number one piece of advice to maximize your wedding dress shopping experience: simply be prepared. You’re already on your way, thanks to this article!

1. Ideas

If a bridal shop assigns you a personal stylist (most do), they will first ask you what style you prefer. You might be asked questions like: What kind of silhouette do you prefer? Do you like lace? Which fabric is your favorite? Designers? What about sparkling? What do you think about trains? How do you budget for trains?

If you don’t think these things through before you walk into the shop, then you might stare blankly at them until they awkwardly reply, “Well, let’s just start somewhere!” If you don’t have a dedicated stylist to help you, you will be even more lost. There are endless aisles of white dresses available in every style, so you might be staring down the barrel of white dresses. How big do you need it? How far in advance should you plan (ideally nine months)? Do you plan to go through every wedding gown on their racks? It will take forever and you have enough. Let’s be smart and not pushy.

Some brides might already have a scrapbook full of ideas that they’ve been collecting since middle school. If this is you, you’re definitely ahead of the curve! It’s time for you to begin gathering inspiration and to find the best styles.

Although we may be biased, our inspiration gallery is a great place to start. You can save your favorite ideas into personal boards so you can share them with your friends and family before you head out. You can also use Pinterest, bridal magazines, and even Google Images. You can save images from a designer that you like to your phone if you don’t want it too complicated.

This is crucial for two reasons. You’ll be able to sort out your inspiration and know what you will do on the big day.

These are some tips to remember when you get ready.

How do you want your wedding to look? Don’t wear the same dress twice!

When is your wedding? You don’t want to go out in the cold just to look stylish.

Where is the venue? Or are you interested in a specific type of venue? The weather is another important factor.

This is not to say you shouldn’t have your heart set upon that dress on Pinterest. You should never stop trying to make it your own. There is a happy middle ground, people. Doing a little research will make it easier to try on gowns.

2. Positive Attitude

Positivity and perspective are the best qualities you can bring to your wedding gown shopping experience. Even though it isn’t the most important day of your life, shopping can be very emotional. All of us have been there. Standing in the fitting room, with clothes scattered around our feet, just hoping that something would work. We know it’s easy for us to fall into negative thoughts, but we recommend that you not let this happen.

You should have a positive outlook, because shopping for wedding dresses can be fun. Although you’re prepared to go, this should reduce some stress. Here are some key reminders to keep your positive outlook and perspective in check.

You’ll probably feel horrible and ugly in at most one of the dresses you try.

Don’t let it get you down. It’s hard to shop, but you will find it. Do not let one bad outfit ruin your shopping experience. It doesn’t matter if a particular dress doesn’t fit. Move on.

A dress that looks different from what you see on Pinterest might be the perfect choice.

You just have to go with it. Shopping prep is important but you won’t know if the dress you like until you try it on. You should feel comfortable in the gown you choose. Keep an open mind and you won’t know what you find until it’s there.

Before you can say yes, it is possible to have three or more dresses tried on in different shops and salons.

Do not get discouraged or depressed. It’s important that you are picky about the dress you choose for the most important day of your life. There’s no pressure!

It is probably not a good idea to buy the first wedding dress you see. There are many more.

It’s fine if it’s your one and you’re not willing to see another wedding dress for as long as possible. It’s your day, your decision. If you don’t know, you can tell.

You can resist the temptation to buy dresses that are too expensive for you. Just don’t!

You’ll probably fall in love with the $10K dress even if your budget is only $2K. Your mom will either have to drag your out of the salon screaming, or you’ll end up on Craigslist selling everything. It won’t look pretty in either case.

Keep this in mind as you go in. 1. Your bargain best–this will be your dream deal and the most affordable price you’ll likely receive. 2) The most likely candidate–a midding figure that you are happy with. The third, and final, is the bank-breaker. This is your absolute maximum spending limit.

You can set yourself up for success by surround yourself with people who will help you when you need it. This brings us to the must-bring…

3. Supportive, Honest Entourage

Your family can be a wonderful wedding dress shopping group, but sometimes our closest friends and family are more interested in making us feel good than the truth. While it is nice to have a little sweetness, in this instance you want the truth. Bring one or more of your bridesmaids, or members of your wedding party to help you avoid making costly mistakes when shopping for your wedding dress.

You need to be honest with your friends if you really want to find the right dress for you. While it is important to have fun while shopping, you must also ensure that you are choosing the right dress for you and your partner. A good companion for wedding dress shopping is someone who can lift you up and keep it real.

A team of support is also a great benefit. You will probably need assistance trying on dresses if you are not in a bridal salon with an attendant stylist. It can be difficult to zip up a dress from the back, especially one that is so tulle-y around your waist. If that sounds like your wedding dress, no shade! But that’s a difficult one to try on.

It can be difficult to find the perfect dress, but it is possible with two heads. It’s easy to get lost when you have so many dresses. Having your entourage with you will make it much more enjoyable and easier. They will take photos so that you can see the back of your dress. They can also help you narrow down the styles that you like the best. Overall, it will make you feel fantastic.

They’ll not only be there to help you pick the perfect wedding dress, but they’ll make shopping a lot more enjoyable!

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4. Comfortable, Convenient Outfit

Is there anyone out there who has a favorite outfit for shopping? Regardless of the circumstance, it is stressful to try on clothes. It’s likely that you’ll be changing between different dresses throughout the day, so make sure you have something you can easily change out of.

To make shopping as enjoyable as possible, we recommend that you wear a simple, comfortable, and stretchy outfit. It’s also a good idea to wear simple shoes that are easy to lace up. (More about shoes later!) A t-shirt dress with slip-ons and a slip-on is a great choice. No matter your style preference, you can wear whatever you like. Just make sure it’s comfortable and you feel great.

Don’t forget that the outfit doesn’t stop at the clothes. You should get rid of accessories. They will detract the appearance of the wedding dresses that you are trying on, and make it more difficult to change if you have too many necklaces and bracelets. Your engagement ring will be more noticeable if you have fewer accessories.

Last note: If you plan to have your hair pulled up on the big day, bring a hair tie. This will ensure that your friend, who is brutally honest, doesn’t have to do the hair-holding while you are trying to achieve the full effect of each gown. It’s also easier to change your hair if you have it pulled back.

5. The right undergarments

We now have the outfit down, it’s time to talk about what’s underneath!

It’s not glamorous to try on dresses. The bridal shopping experience is described as being in a small room with your stylist, and eight large dresses at once. It is…cozy to put it mildly. It’s essential to have the correct underwear and bra, especially if you’re trying on a white (ish) wedding gown.

Wear simple, nude undergarments. (No shade to granny potties, just not today. Nothing is worse than trying on a beautiful dress and then seeing unflattering lines. Trust us.

You should choose seamless, nude pants and a bra similar to the one you envision wearing on your wedding day. Thongs can be great, as long as your stylist is comfortable with you showing off your buns! The stylist won’t mind if you’re comfortable. They’re experts! Wear what you like.

When shopping for your shopping day undergarments, keep in mind your favorite wedding dresses. If you are adamant about a sweetheart neckline with a strapless strap, you should try a strapless bra to see how it will look on your big day. However, a strapless bra might not be for everyone. If you are certain you will need more support, you should wear a bra similar to the one you will need for your wedding.

There are many styles of dress. It’s not fun to worry about one of your bridesmaids making an appearance on the dance floor while you’re having a great time!

No matter what style you prefer, thongs, granny panties, supportive or strapless bras, be prepared to try on dresses and realize that you will probably wear something different on the big day. Who’s ready for some bridal lingerie shopping?

6. Heels

You think you will be wearing giant stilettos to your wedding? Are you going to be a shorter and sweeter lady in flats or converse? No matter what your plans are, make sure to bring a pair of shoes that reflect the theme you have in mind. It’s amazing how much a four inch extra can change the look and fit of a dress.

This does not mean that you should go to the bridal salon wearing your most expensive pair of heels. Instead, grab a pair that suits you and put it in a bag. If you aren’t sure what you feel most comfortable in, bring some and try them with the dresses.

No matter where you are shopping, what you’re wearing or who you’re with, you should make sure you feel great and find the right dress for you. These tips will help you feel confident and comfortable when you go to bridal shopping. However, at the end, we want you to have fun and find the perfect dress for you.

Loverlies, Happy Shopping!